Saturday, November 16, 2013

George Dickel No.12 Whiskey

Hello again from The Blundon Bourbon Review. Up for review tonight is George Dickel No. 12. Before I get started, let me state this is not a bourbon, but a Tennessee sour mash whiskey.

No Age Statement
90 proof
Price: $21.

Color: Burnt Gold

Nose- Corn. Sour apple, Vanilla, Butter, Oak. There are some floral notes here.

Taste: (Neat from a Glencarin Glass) Green Apple candy takes over my pallet, followed by sweet corn, honey and mint. Notes of maple, butter, and oak linger.

Finish: Smooth, soft and long. Lots of corn. After a minute I still have a sour apple taste on the tip of my tongue.

Conclusion: George Dickel uses a unique chill-filtration process that is said to produce a very smooth product- for which I must agree. I really enjoyed this pour. I spent my childhood and teenage years in Tennessee, and this makes me proud to call it my former home. This has a very unique flavor profile that comes together very well, and for the price, I highly recommend it.

My Rating: C (Decent)