Rating System

UPDATE 1/1/15:  

When all is said and done, the purpose of any grading scale should be to  answer one simple question: Is it worth buying? In this spirit, I have decided to put down the numbers, and assign a letter grade to the conclusion of my whiskey reviews in replace of an arbitrary number. I feel a letter grade will better represent my views of each whiskey and more importantly, help you the reader decide what to buy and what to leave on the shelf. 

  All reviews,tasting notes, and ratings are those of Gaven Blundon. 

I encourage you to use my ratings as only one mans subjective opinion to determine which whiskeys you might enjoy more than others. However, it is my goal to provide you with honest reviews and ratings of every whiskey featured. Use this as a tool to increase your knowledge

The Blundon Bourbon Review Scale UPDATED 1/1/15
A+: Premium – A must buy for any whiskey enthusiast. Buy it and thank yourself later!
A: Great– Everything you could hope for in a whiskey.
B+: Very Good- May be a good idea to keep some stocked in your bunker.
B: Good – 
I'll happily buy it once.
C: Decent- It is what it is, slightly disappointing. 
D: Poor– I mean, if you're buying a round I'll drink it. 
F: Terrible- Don't even think about it. 
Review Process
During my review sessions, I write down my thoughts from the nosing, tasting, and finish of each product. Using these notes I create a rating based off the scale above. 

All of the products reviewed in this blog have been reviewed neat (never adding water) with a Glencarin glass. It is my opinion that whiskey is meant to be enjoyed the way it was bottled (never adding ice/water). 

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