Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Old Forester 1920 Prohibition Style Bourbon

1920 Prohibition Style is the third expression in the Old Forester Whiskey Row Series. Old Forester was one of six distilleries granted a permit to continue distillation during Prohibition. Intentionally bottled at 115 proof, this expression commemorates that time in history.

-115 proof
-No Age Statement
-Price: $59

Nose: A mixture of sweet and spicy notes accompanied by cherry preserves. Cinnamon toast, vanilla wafers, and an intense seasoned oak spice

Taste: Sharp with a thick mouthfeel. Vanilla cake, tootsie rolls, and chocolate covered cherries. These sweeter notes quickly fade from the dominating spice. Cinnamon and black pepper rule the palate along with a healthy dose of toasted oak

Finish: Spicy with a crisp, clean exit. 

Conclusion:  This is one of the better new bourbons released in 2016.  It's well balanced and the higher proof lets the flavors shine. It's my favorite expression in the Whiskey Row release, and more importantly, it's well worth the retail price. 

My Rating:  B+ (Very Good) 

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Thursday, December 8, 2016

E.H. Taylor Single Barrel Bourbon

When I see E.H. Taylor bourbons, the first thing that comes to mind is the Bottled in Bond Act of 1897. As an early bourbon pioneer, Colonel Edmund Haynes Taylor was an advocate of higher standards in the bourbon industry and Buffalo Trace has honored him with this fine line of whiskeys. As other reviews of the brand can attest, I have yet to try a disappointing E.H. Taylor product, and I have high expectations for this single barrel expression.

-100 proof
-No Age Statement
-Price: $55

Nose: The mixtures of scents epitomize that of a milk chocolate candy bar. There’s a heavy caramel, cream, and toffee influence. The aroma is complex, yet balanced. It's nutty, and has layers of black pepper and dusty oak.

Taste: Initial blasts of caramel are joined by marshmallow fluff and peanuts. A sharp, rye spice sparks the mid palate and is backed with leather and oak tannins.  

Finish: Medium in length with a balanced sweet, yet spicy dryness.

Conclusion:  I like to call E.H. Taylor whiskey “good stuff” bourbon, because it’s always good stuff. This Single Barrel fits right between the Small Batch and Barrel Proof offerings in terms on quality. The flavors fuse together well without overpowering one another. At the price, it’s hard to find many better options.

My Rating:  B+ (Very Good) 

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