Monday, July 28, 2014

Hancock's President's Reserve Bourbon

Up for review today is a single barrel bourbon from Buffalo Trace Distillery. Hancock’s President’s Reserve comes in a neat, decanter-style container and is bottled at 88.9 proof with no age statement. This bourbon uses Buffalo Trace mash bill #2, which is 12-15% rye.

Color: Bright honey amber.

Nose: Brown sugar, vanilla, apples, mint leaves, tobacco.

Taste: Caramel, vanilla, pepper, rye and oak. The rye punch that I enjoy and have come to expect from Buffalo Trace mash bill #2 is not as robust. 

Finish: Extremely short. It makes for a very smooth pour, but doesn't leave me with anything to chew on.

Conclusion: This is an incredibly drinkable bourbon with a fairly sterorypical bourbon palate. My wife and I recently hosted a house party and a lot of our friends (most were not big whiskey drinkers) liked this a lot as it was "so smooth". This is in the same price range as Blanton's single barrel and Elmer T Lee (both made by Buffalo Trace), and as with any single barrel, there's going to be slight variations in taste. 

My rating: B (Good)

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