Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Mixer Review: Eli Mason Syrups

Today I am mixing it up and doing something a little different. Before my next bourbon review, I want to talk about a new product: Eli Mason Syrups. These "spirit-forward" mixers are handmade in Nashville, TN. 

I recently attended a friend’s bourbon tasting. When I initially got my invitation, I meticulously started to pick out which bourbons I wanted to share. After I made my selections, I began thinking about what started my passion for whiskey: the Old Fashioned Cocktail. Reminisces for a moment with me if you will; my first Old Fashioned was during my college years at a hotel bar called the Imperial in Chestertown, MD. I was never a whiskey drinker before this, but I quickly fell in love with the drink and the flavors that came with it- the sweet caramelized sugars, the citrus, the fig, the bitters- simply delicious! Lucky for me, the Imperial also had a fairly exhaustive whiskey menu. I began branching out during my return visits and after experiencing straight bourbon neat, I never looked back. 

With these memories rekindled, I started to think that if there are any new whiskey drinkers present, a cocktail may be a great way to introduce them to whiskey rather than starting with a straight up pour. This lead me to bring along two types of Eli Mason syrups which I recently acquired- Old Fashioned and Mint Julep (pictured).

After formalities and a few drams, we cracked open the syrups and went to town. These were a hit! Eli Mason syrups are easy to mix; in most cases, as stated on the packaging, the recipe is two parts whiskey, 1 part Eli Mason syrup. Eli Mason syrups are perfect for parties/gatherings. It took seconds to mix up and there was no mess afterwards to attend to.

 Let me state the obvious: nothing beats the taste of a cocktail with the real/raw ingredients. Also, if you have the time, its a lot of fun to grab all the individual ingredients (sugar cube, bitters, cherry, etc.) and find what creation taste best to you. That being said, Eli Mason syrups taste very good, and while an Eli Mason Old Fashioned wasn’t quiet as charming as my Old Fashioned at the Imperial, it certainly holds a candle to many drinks that  I’ve ordered out while at a bar.  With summer in full swing, I recommend you give these syrups a try for your next get together! Its a great way to introduce the classics to a wider audience. Find more information, visit http://elimason.com

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