Sunday, August 17, 2014

Jim Beam Signature 12 Year Bourbon

Jim Beam has joined the recent craft craze by releasing an "ultra premium" craft bourbon that has been aged for 12 years and blended from hand selected barrels. Bottled at 86 proof, it comes with an MRSP of $40. 

Color: Caramelized honey 

Nose: Cinnamon and spice rise from the glass for a pleasant and warming nose. Sweet vanilla and caramel follow. At the bottom of the glass, there lay some heavy oak and a typical Jim Beam yeast note. 

Taste: (Neat from a Glencarin Glass) Vanilla and caramel candies coat the palate with a light and oily mouthfeel. Yellow cake and dark fruits (cherries) join the party with a peppery spice and woody backbone. 

Finish: Quick with a bit of spice and a lot of wood.

Conclusion: This is a giant step up from Jim Beam's flagship product, White Label. A lot of great things went into making this bourbon, but Jim Beam dropped the ball on one of my most important aspects: 86 proof...really? The lower ABV allows only for a light and subtle flavor profile which isn't enough to balance the oak you get from a 12 year bourbon. It's a drinkable whiskey that Jim Beam fans are sure to enjoy, but even if purchased at a discount, I think i'll keep this out of my regular lineup. 

My Rating- B (Good)

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  1. I think JB Black is the best value that they have for taste. On another note: Have you tried the Weller 107 or Old Grand Dad 114? I think based on some of your reviews here you would really like them bang for buck. Cheers.

  2. Thanks for the comment Alex! I do enjoy Weller 107 but its so hard to find in MD. I do plan on reviewing OGD 114 in the future!