Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Jefferson's Ocean

Calling all Captains, Pirates and Scalleywags! Thanks for checking in for another Blundon Bourbon review- today we are drinking Jefferon's Ocean, aged at sea. This whiskey is a great example of how the environment can affect the taste of whiskey.

Voyage batch 3
90 proof
Aged 6-8 years in a traditional rick house;
then aged for 6 months at sea, stopping at 5 different continents and crossing the equator 4 times.

Color: Bronze

Nose: Brown sugar splashes out of the glass and brings with it a general airiness for a very unique bouquet. Waves of toffee, raisins, and sea salt quickly permeate the glass. A healthy dose of cinnamon and aged rum create a delicate aroma.

Taste: Salted caramel, rum raisin ice cream, and oak create the base of the palate. Baking spices float on the mid palate with salty brine to combine for an extremely unqiue flavor profile.

 Finish: The sweet notes fade quickly, but you are left with an everlasting dry and salty mouth-feel.

Conclusion: It's a very interesting dram. A general saltiness stays with you from start to finish. I love bourbon with character and I can only think this hits the mark for what Master Blender Trey Zoller was hoping to accomplish- I'm really glad I experienced it. That being said, a bit too salty for my taste; and for the price, I will not seek out voyage #4.

My Rating: B (Good)

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