Thursday, November 27, 2014

Wild Turkey Diamond Anniversary

On this snowy, Thanksgiving day, what better way to celebrate the start of the holiday season than with a Wild Turkey! This bottle of Diamond Anniversary pays tribute to Jimmy Russell's 60 years at the Wild Turkey Distillery. As the longest active Master Distiller in North America, Jimmy has forgotten more about bourbon than most of us have ever learned.

A blend of 13 and 16 year old bourbon barrels
91 proof
$125 750ml

Color: Golden Amber

Nose: Caramel and vanilla sweetness up front along with a light, citrus-orange zest.  It's an elegant and complex nose with a floral bouquet, black pepper spice, and toasted oak rising from the glass. 

Taste: Initial sweetness that transitions to a thick and spicy mouthfeel. It's well balanced with honey, vanilla, brown sugars, cayenne and black pepper.

 Finish: A medium finish with a delicate sweetness, rye spice, and mature oak.

Conclusion: This is hands down the best Wild Turkey bourbon I have ever tasted. Jimmy's son Eddie hand selected and blended this bourbon and it makes me really excited for his future releases. Diamond Anniversary bourbon is a very drinkable whiskey that hits all the high points of what you'd expect from a great bourbon. When I bought the bottle, I was initially disappointed that it was not 101 proof (come on, WT 101 is THE brand), but this certainly exceeds my expectations. 

My Rating: A (Great) 

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