Friday, December 12, 2014

Woodford Reserve Sonoma-Cutrer Finish

When Woodford Reserve announced the release of their 2014 Master's Collection- a straight bourbon whiskey finished in red wine barrels- I was left feeling frustrated (why not another experimental rye, hyperaged bourbon, or barrel proof?). Previous experiences with whiskeys such as Angels Envy and High Wests' Mid Winter Nights Dram (both similarly finished in wine barrels)  have left me with poor impressions and a bad taste in my mouth. Nonetheless, I am a Woodford Reserve fanboy at heart, and when my brother-in-law told me he had gotten his hands on a bottle of this Sonoma-Cutrer finish, I was excited and hoped that this whiskey would be different. 

Fully matured Woodford Reserve bourbon finished in sonoma-cutrer pinot noir barrels 
90.4 proof 

Color: Deep red

Nose: A blast of red fruits in the form of cherries, raspberries, and blackberries. In addition to some burnt caramel and oak, there is a heavy dose of baking spices in the form of clove and cinnamon.  

Taste: Consistent with the nose, this is an extremely fruit forward whiskey. Fruit punch, cherries, raspberries, and blackberries. Underneath are layers of spice and oak sweetness. 

 Finish: Medium in length (though quicker than anticipated), with a warm, fruity and oaky character. 

Conclusion: I was pleasantly surprised by the quality and character of this whiskey. The fruit and spice characters compliment the other nicely to combine for a  complex, warming, and fruit forward experience. My hat goes off to Woodford Reserve Master Distiller Chris Morris, as he hit the nail on the head with this release. 

My Rating: B+ (Very Good) 

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