Sunday, March 29, 2015

Old Weller Antique

William Larue Weller was one of the early distilling pioneers in Kentucky. While he is well known for replacing rye for wheat in the mash bill, he also believed in the importance of aging his whiskey. To this day, Weller bourbons (made at Buffalo Trace) are aged no less than 7 years. Shoutout to @swansongspirits for the hookup! 

Buffalo Trace wheated mash bill
No Age Statement but we know it's at least 7 years old
107 proof

Color: Light Mahogany

Nose: Waves of cinnamon and sweet spice followed by cherry jam, caramel and vanilla.

This is great bourbon my friends. At 107 proof, there are a lot of thick and full flavors. Vanilla, graham cracker, cinnamon sticks, apple pie, and slightly toasted oak.

Finish: A smooth, warming finish with pepper spice, cinnamon, and pleasant heat. 

Conclusion: Surprise surprise, I love Buffalo Trace products! Old Weller Antique is sweet, spicy, and full bodied- what else can you ask for in a bourbon? It shares some similarities with Pappy Van Winkle bourbons, but OWA can be found for under $30. If you were to ask me if this lives up the to hype, the answer is a definite yes!

My Rating:
A (Great)

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