Monday, April 20, 2015

Larceny Bourbon

Larceny is a wheated bourbon made by Heaven Hill distillery. The story goes that John F. Fitzgerald, a treasury agent trusted with the keys to the rickhouse, would sneak in at night and drink from the best of the bourbon barrels; some call him a thief, others call him a very intelligent individual...I wanted to share that story because it's of the best or the worst marketing stories for a whiskey that I've ever heard – I can’t quite tell (probably the worst).

92 proof
Wheated mash bill  
No Age Statement

Nose: Detecting a lot of fresh baked wheat bread at the top of the nose. There is some cinnamon swirling around here and this combination is reminiscent of cinnamon toast crunch cereal. Sweet aromas quickly follow- brown sugar, vanilla, some fudge. It's also fairly nutty.

Taste: Sweet spice is the first thing noticed on the palate. Much more on cinnamon than the nose revealed. The wheat bread and nuttiness combine with honey for a unique but well balanced profile.

Finish: Medium in length with sweetness, baking spices, and slight oak. 

Conclusion: Trying new wheated bourbons is always on my to do list. Larceny is a solid whiskey with a flirtatious price tag around $25. It's very drinkable at 92 proof, and if you like sweet and spicy bourbons, definitely give this a try. 

My Rating:
B (Good)

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