Saturday, August 8, 2015

Old Ezra Rare Old Bourbon

Old Ezra, Rare Old "Sippin Whiskey" Bourbon is not often spoken about in whiskey circles, however I do believe it is the hidden gem of the Ezra Brooks Distilling CO. At a robust proof and age, it offers a bold flavored whiskey that is certainly able to shine when being enjoyed neat.

-7 years old
-101 proof
-Price: $16

Nose: Butter cream, corn, rye spice, burnt oak.

Taste: Full bodied with a chewy mouth feel. Sweet corn, maple, caramel. 

Finish: Smooth with sweet maple and burnt oak. 

Conclusion: This is a good bourbon that I don't mind drinking neat. At 101 proof and 7 years in the wood, the flavors are satisfyingly bold. The best thing about this bourbon is its price tag of $16; an unreal value for whats inside the bottle! While it may be hard to find, if you stumble across a bottle of Old Ezra Rare Old "sippin whiskey", pick it up because your taste buds -and your wallet- will happy you did. 

My Rating: B (Good)

Bourbon Brothers Review: 

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