Monday, December 21, 2015

Van Winkle Special Reserve "Lot B"

Special Reserve " Lot B" is the 12 year old bourbon from the Van Winkle collection. These wheated bourbons boast a uniquely soft profile with rich, sweet flavors.

-90.4 proof 
-12 years old
-Price: $59

Nose: A giant bowl of fresh fruit, with spiced peaches and dried mango. There are delicate notes of sweet wheat, caramel and vanilla spice.

 Taste: Silky smooth with a robust, sweet wheat on the tip of the palate. Peach cobbler, burnt caramel, and black pepper spice mingle gracefully for a delightful flavor.  

Finish: A smooth, quick finish, with a sweet spice and subtle oak. 

Conclusion: An overall wonderful experience. It's a bottle that is frightfully easy to finish with a some friends and  good conversation. It's so smooth and the quick finish will keep you coming back for more. People have asked, "what is the most I would pay for such and such bottle"...and while it is an entirely subjective question, I would spend up to $100 on this one; it's that good!  

My Rating: A (Great)


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