Monday, June 13, 2016

E.H. Taylor Jr. Rye Whiskey

Recently I've been delving into the world of E.H. Taylor Jr. whisky. It's a nice world indeed, and if you have never taken a trip, I suggest you pack your bags and get spontaneous. Today for review, I'm enjoying E.H. Taylor Straight Rye. Buffalo Trace uses a unique mashbill for this whiskey, consisting of a vast majority of rye with some corn! I was very surprised to learn this as all other Buffalo Trace rye -i.e. Sazerac 18 and Baby Saz- contain a significant amount of corn. 

-At least 4 years old
-100 proof 
-Price: $70

Nose: Herbs and fresh mint pop at front of the nose. Fresh dill, some black pepper, and rye spice combine for a vivacious aroma.

Taste: Waves of spice crash on the tip of the palate. Mint and caramel follow, with a subtle sweetness fading in and out. There is a decent dose of green/herbal notes. The flavors all seem vibrant and fresh. A lengthy, savory, and spicy backbone combines for a nice depth. 

Finish: Medium in length with more of that dominant spice.

With such a high rye content, this tastes similar to the typical Monongahela Rye being mass produced in Indiana, except it's way better. I will say, this took some time to open up. It is by no means a cheap whiskey, and I was dead set on giving this a "B" rating until I worked my way into the bottle.

My Rating:  B+ (Very Good)

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