Monday, September 12, 2016

Old Grand-Dad 114 Bourbon

Old Grand-Dad is a notable brand of bourbon produced at the Jim Beam Distillery. It pays homage to Basil Hayden, a Kentucky distiller known for producing bourbon with a higher percentage of rye in the mashbill. It's a brand with a neat history; my favorite anecdote being that during prohibition, OGD was one of the few bourbons permitted to be prescribed as medicine. In today's age of craft whisky and limited releases, it's not often spoken about in whiskey clubs and social media, but I believe It's a highly underrated bourbon.  

-No Age Statement
-114 proof
-High Rye Mashbill
 -Price: $25

Nose: Top heavy with rye spice, vanilla wafers, and sugar-babies candies. It has a fairly herbal aroma along with a hint of leather and toasted oak.

Taste: Chewy with a sweet yet spicy entry.  There's a hint of peanut with a touch of fresh cut grass and corn. Heavy black pepper spice and leather shuffle through the palate.

Finish: Medium with a fading sweetness. Black pepper spice lingers along with a nice warmth. 

Old Grand-Dad 114 is the perfect value bourbon. The robust flavor, thick mouthfeel, and $25 pricetag make this a definite buy. It wont surprise you with overall flavor or complexity, but it's one of those bourbons that you can drink neat without breaking the bank.  The high proof and high rye mash are also the perfect combination for an awesome cocktail. I will for sure be buying another bottle in the future. 

My Rating:  B (Good)

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