Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Abraham Bowman Wheat Bourbon

Smith Bowman Distillery is a quaint little operation located in Fredericksburg, VA. They produce a variety of spirits, and release multiple rare whiskies each year; past rare releases have been a barrel proof, a coffee flavored, and a high rye whiskey. They recently released their 14th rare release, a wheat bourbon, in March 2016.


-Bottle #1377
-Wheated mashbill
-94 proof
-11 years old
-Price: $70

Nose: A culmination of flavors reminiscent of a vanilla ice cream float. This is followed by a hint of corn and a brush of baking spices.

Taste: Creamy with caramel chews, vanilla, and cinnamon. Fresh baked wheat bread, a slight spice, and a tinge of saltiness

Finish: Extremely quick with a dry saltiness and toasted oak.

This is a nice bourbon but it didn't meet my expectations. At $70, you're paying for the rarity and not the quality of juice inside the bottle. The wheat is expressed more as a bread-heavy note rather than a sweet spice. It's unique but not what I was expecting from a wheat bourbon. It's worth a try, but not a buy...cheers

My Rating:  B (Good)

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