Monday, October 31, 2016

Elijah Craig 18 Bourbon

Elijah Craig is one of the few Heaven Hill brands that graces us with single barrel expressions. Currently, the 18 and 23 year bourbons are being bottled. It has a bourbon that has been extremely difficult for me to find; after all, with 18+ years of aging, more than half of the original barrel content is lost to the angel's share.

-Single Barrel #4122 (1997)
-90 proof
-18 years old
-Price: $124

Nose: Saw dust and maple. Cherries, vanilla bean, and a hint of butter.

Taste: Woody with hints of toffee, coffee flavored ice cream, and a bitter tannin.

Finish: Extremely smooth with a quick, drying finish.

Conclusion:  Elijah Craig 18 is one of those hard to find, eye catching bourbons that just falls short on the palate. Aside from the woody saw dust notes, the flavors are subtle, and its not going to knock your socks off. The impact of the oak leaves the bourbon tasting a tad past its prime. It's fun to sip on 18 year bourbon once in a while, but at $125, you are overpaying for rarity.

My Rating:  B (Good) 

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  1. Spot on description. I found my bottle to be pretty much what you described. This bourbon is good, but it does not live up to the hype. Thanks for the great reviews!