Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Heaven Hill Old Style Bourbon

This bottle of Heaven Hill Old Style Bourbon, also known as “the green label", is one of few bottom shelf bourbons I recommend for everyone to try at least once. We live in a world where local/craft distillery’s get away with selling extremely young whiskey for north of $30 a bottle. Heaven Hill Old Style bourbon is a diamond in the ruff; you’ll be hard pressed to find another straight bourbon aged this long and sold at such a reasonable price.

-90 proof

-6 years
-Price: $12

Nose: First whiffs promote a light, sugary sweetness. Peanuts and caramel follow along with a very shy rye spice.

Taste: While the mouthfeel is thin, there is an initial pop of pepper spice and a decent heat. Peanut brittle and brown sugar add sweetness to the palate.

Finish: Extremely smooth, with brown sugar and pepper spice.

Conclusion: At the end of the day, this is a fantastic bourbon for your wallet. The flavors are light but enjoyable, and it makes for a phenomenal mixer.

My Rating:  C (Decent)

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