Monday, July 31, 2017

WhistlePig Boss Hog: The Independent

The third edition of WhistlePig Boss Hog: The Independent, hit shelves summer of 2016. As with all Boss Hog releases, it's extremely limited, and the price reflects its scarcity. The Independent is the first rye whiskey ever finished in Hogshead barrels. These things are huge, 250 liter scotch casks refitted with American oak heads; guaranteed to lend characteristics of Scotch not found with previous releases. 

-Proof: 120.1
-100% rye 
-Age: 14 years
-Price: $299
-From Barrel #8 of 30

Nose: Warm and enticing with initial waves of deep spice, pine trees, and tobacco. It's well balanced with a slight sweetness, a mixture of vanilla and caramel. 

Taste: Upfront is this delicious mint with a refreshing blast of tea leaves. It's incredibly spicy, with rye, black pepper, cinnamon, and oak. The mouth-feel is thick, with a unique and pungent smoke.
Finish: Warm and mouthwatering. The spice and smoky notes fade slowly into tobacco and oak.

Conclusion: This is a fantastic whiskey! The finish with the Hogshead barrel adds a subtle Scotch smoke which provide  additional layers of flavor. I don't enjoy spending an exorbitant amount on a single bottle, but for Boss Hog: The Independent, I suggest you treat yourself.

Rating: A (Great!)

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