Friday, January 3, 2014

Knob Creek Single Barrel Reserve Bourbon

Happy New Year from The Blundon Bourbon Review! Something about snow just makes me want to drink and review bourbon. Tonight for you I have Knob Creek Single Barrel Reserve. This is currently my go to, higher proof bourbon for when I don't feel like drinking or opening a bottle of my BTAC or Pappy. KCSBR is aged for 9 years, and is 120 proof. Purchased for $40.

Color: Dark Orange, Amber

Nose: Corn, cherries, brown sugar, bubblegum, cola, green apple.

Taste: (Neat from a Glencarin Glass) Sweet notes of burnt caramel, vanilla, sugar, bubblegum. On the back end I get notes of cinnamon, salt, black pepper followed by a nutty toffee, subtle rye spice, and dry oak.

Finish: Sugar, bubblegum and nut toffee linger with saltly notes taking over for a bitter end.

Conclusion: If you are a frequent flyer with my reviews, you know I prefer barrel proof bourbons with bold flavors. There are alot of good things about this juice; it's readliy available, it's 120 proof, and it has a $40 price tag. The flavors are simple, yet bold and compliment each other well.

Rating: B+ (Very Good)

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  1. Hi there! A mutual friend showed me the blog, and I love it. The reviews are consistently of high quality, and you've got me branching out a bit.

    Knob Creek has been my go-to sipping bourbon for a while now, for exactly the reasons you named. Have you tried their rye? It and 1910 are my favorite rye whiskeys. From reading your other reviews, it seems like you might enjoy the 1910. It's got nice notes of cinnamon, molasses, and cola on the nose that continue through the palate (where a spicy je-ne-sais-quoi comes in) and the smooth finish with notes of toffee and hazelnut.

  2. Hi,
    Thanks for your comment and for the kind words! I have tasted the KC rye and did enjoy it, however I have never had the 1910. I will have to pick up a bottle based on your recommendation! You told me your favorite rye, what is your favorite bourbon? Tweet @blundon_bourbon and I will make sure to follow back!

  3. Well, my background with bourbon isn't as strong as it is with rye or scotch, but I prefer Wild Turkey Rare Breed for neat drinking and Evan Williams black label for mixing and cooking/baking. I'm a big fan of the mellow notes of cured tobacco in the Rare Breed, and the finish is delightfully encouraging.

    1. Rare Breed is a great bourbon. Check out my review from October if you haven't already! I am a big fan of high ABV whiskey, and rare breed (was my and) is a perfect stepping stone to transition from your normal 80 proof spirits.

  4. I imagine the higher ABV inherently gives more than just the added heat and body. Essential oils tend to be more soluble in alcohols than in water, so I'd conjecture you get more of the underlying flavors (and thus subtlety) out of the mash than you would with a weaker spirit. It's probably why Jack & Jim managed to put me off American whiskey for such a long time; as far as I could ever tell, they smelled and tasted of little else but sour corn!