Friday, January 10, 2014

W.L. Weller Special Reserve Bourbon

The wife and I recently went to visit my parents in Memphis for the holidays. My father picked this up and it was on the counter when we arrived. Little did I know he also got us a bottle of William L. Weller for Christmas which we got a few days later. W.L. Weller bourbons replace the rye grain with wheat which makes for a smoother taste. Now, down to business: W.L. Weller Special Reserve is bottled at 90 proof. This was purchased it for $26.99 here in Memphis.

Color: Light Amber with an orange tint

Nose: Very sweet upfront. Vanilla, caramel, burnt sugars, apples, oak.

Taste: Light mouthfeel. Sweetness dominates. Creamy vanilla, honey, caramel, and corn. The mid palate transforms into sour apples and salty butter notes, and ends with notes of water soaked oak.

Finish: "And It's Gone"...short finish. Sweet yet slightly bitter.

Conclusion: Very sweet. It's smooth going down with little to no burn. This is a decent wheated bourbon for the price. Weller bourbons are a tough find these days and that creates a similar hype to more expensive and limited offers. While I think Weller 107 and Weller 12 deserve the hype, this Weller Special Reserve falls short of expectations.

My Rating: C (Decent)

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