Friday, September 6, 2013

Maker's Mark 46 Bourbon

 Big bourbon fan here. I love Makers Mark, and I figured a great first bourbon review would be Makers Mark 46. MM46 is intriguing as it is aged slightly longer than the regular Maker's Mark. After the normal aging period, It is placed and aged inside barrels that contain seared French oak staves. The staves are said to create bold, complex flavors which eliminate the slight bitterness found in the very popular Marker's Mark. The number 46 is a reference to the recipe number of the staves. Maker's Mark 46 is bottled at 94 Proof. This 750ML bottle was purchased for $40.

Color: Maple Syrup

: Sweet and gentle on the nose. Creamy butter floods the senses. Caramel, vanilla, and cherries collide then make way for waves of oak and leather.

Taste: Instantly met with vanilla bean and caramel. Butter. Clove with and a hint of cherry. Woody notes follow. 

: Overwhelming creamy butter flavor. Finish is long and warm. Ends with oak, toffee and butter notes. After a few moments I taste a dark chocolate note which is very satisfying.

Conclusion: This is a very satisfying bourbon. I have heard it called "Marker's Mark on steroids" and I believe that is a fair assessment. It's a good bourbon and I'm sure I will buy it again. The nose was very good, the taste was good, and the finish was just ok. 

My Rating: B+ (Very Good)

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