Wednesday, September 3, 2014

High West Whiskey Son of Bourye

Happy National Bourbon Heritage Month! Lets celebrate with a review! Son of Bourye is one of the many blended whiskeys from High West Distillery out in Park City, Utah.

DetailsA blend of a 5 year old bourbon and a 2 year old rye. Bottled at 92 proof.

Color: Light Amber 

Nose: A rye heavy nose, filled with mint leaves, pine trees, and delicious baking spices. Sweet vanilla and caramel delicately float out of the glass. Cinnamon and oak lay under the sweetness. Each note is as vibrant as it is young, and it's making my mouth water. 

Taste: Thick honey with figs and apricots immediately sparking on the palate. Sweet notes of fruit (cherries), caramel, and vanilla play tag in a garden of green herbs. Rye spice builds as the whiskey absorbs into the tongue, growing stronger by the second with hints of cinnamon and oak on the back-burner.   

Finish: Citrus and caramel combine with the youthful rye for a nice medium finish. 

Conclusion: At 92 proof, I was expecting to be fairly disappointed by the ABV. Not today- the delicious balance of sweetness and spice leaves me satisfied and wanting another glass. With a price tag around 40-50 dollars, this is a very good pour. Stay tuned for more High West whiskey reviews in the future. 

My Rating: B+ (Very Good)

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