Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Old Scout Straight Rye Whiskey 8 year

Smooth Ambler Spirits Company is a craft distillery located in Maxwelton, West Virginia. They produce a variety of handmade spirits, but the majority of the whiskey they sell is sourced from LDI in Indiana. They refer to the sourcing of their whiskey as "scouting", thus all the whiskey they source is labeled under the sub-brand "Old Scout". This bottle of Old Scout rye is aged for 8 years and bottled at a cask strength of 126.8 proof. 

Color: Dark garnet

Nose: It's a tidal wave of sweetness and spice. Thick caramel lifts out of the glass with notes of dried fruits and a grape flavored icy pop. The rye spice is bold, with mint, black pepper, and toasted oak. 

Taste: This is a complex whiskey with a thick and a chewy mouthfeel. Caramel candies and charred barrel sweetness flood the palate. Grape soda, fresh baked rye bread, black pepper, and oak wrap you up in a nice warm blanket. 

Finish: Rye spice and oak absorb into the tongue for a warm and toasty finish.  

Conclusion: It's sweet, spicy, and well-balanced. I love the cask strength offering, and the 8 years in the barrel add a depth that you normally don't get from younger ryes. For $50, you'd be hard pressed to find another rye with such character. 

My Rating: B+ (Very Good)

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