Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Blade and Bow Bourbon: Base & DeLuxe

Blade and Bow is the latest KY straight bourbon whiskey from Diagio. Two Blade and Bow bourbons were recently released to pay homage to the Stitzel-Weller Distillery. B&B bourbons are unique because they use a Solera system aging process to preserve some of the oldest whiskey stocks. 

Blade and Bow (Base):
91 proof
No age statement  (research says least six years old)
Suggested retail is $50

Nose: Pecan pie is the first thing you notice, sweet and delicious. Next is an abundance of red fruits in the form of plums and cherries- almost as if you're walking through an orchard. Caramel and cinnamon are also present, though faint. The flavors blend elegantly and create a lovely bouquet.  

Taste: Similar to the nose, lots of red fruit soaks onto the tongue for a unique yet pleasant pour. The sweetness presents less on the palate with faint hints of chocolate, candied pecans, and cream- this is due to an overwhelming amount black pepper spice that takes charge and leads its way onto the finish. 

Finish: The mouthfeel was fairly light so I wasn't surprised by the short length here. The sweet and fruity tones dissipate rather quickly before ending with black pepper spice and a bitter, bitter oak.

Conclusion:  I'll make this one short and sweet: the nose on Blade and Bow is fantastic, the taste is good, and the finish is a huge letdown. If I had to spend $50 on a Diagio product, I'm going to take Bulleit 10 over this everyday.

My Rating: B (Good)

Blade and Bow 22 year (DeLuxe)
22 years old
90 proof
MSRP $160, Limited release 

Nose: Caramel, vanilla, and charred oak.

Taste: Smooth with a chewy mouthfeel. Baking spices such as cinnamon and clove cover the mid palate. Sharp oak. 

Finish:  Long and slightly bitter. The spice continues but is joined by flavors of pepper and drying oak.

Conclusion: There is a huge difference between these two bourbons- we shouldn't be that surprised as they are blended from different sources, but it makes me wonder why they wanted to brand them together. I honestly don't think the DeLuxe is any better or worse than the Base- its just different. That fact that the DeLuxe is $160 makes me sick to my stomach. There are much better things to spend your money on.

 My Rating: B (Good)

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