Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Few Rye Whiskey

A few months back I reviewed Few bourbon; it wasn't your typical bourbon but it's a damn good whiskey. After I finished that bottle, I wanted to get my hands on this bottle of rye so...lets begin! 

Aged less than 4 years
93 proof
70% rye, 20% corn, and 2% malted barley

Nose: Raw grains and a dash of sugar grace the nose. Chocolate pudding pie, rye spice, creamy corn, and honey follow. 

Taste: Starts off with a dominant pepper spice that kicks at the back of your throat. For a herbal/grassy rye,  it's also a buttery whiskey, with sweet notes of creamy vanilla and tootsie rolls. 

Finish: It's smooth yet comes with a slight burn. Medium in length. The herbal notes and rye spice continue to dominate along with some bitter oak. 

Conclusion: Similar to Few bourbon, Few rye is very unique and grain forward. Unlike most ryes, there isn't much (if any) mint present. While its not something I would necessarly sip neat, this is an interesting bottle that is certainly worth a try. That being said, at under 4 years of age, the suggested retail of$64.99 is a little more than I would like to spend.

My Rating: C (Decent)

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