Thursday, October 15, 2015

John J. Bowman Virginia Straight Bourbon

A. Smith Bowman Distillery is an extremely small operation located in Fredericksburg, VA. They produce a variety of spirits, most notably their single barrel bourbon. While speaking with a tour guide during my first visit, I connected the dots on why I like this stuff so much; A. Smith Bowman receives double distilled bourbon mash from Buffalo Trace. They then distill the mash again and age it in Fredericksburg. A. Smith Bowman also stores the whiskey in a unique way; the barrels are stacked upright 2x2 on pallets. As they are such a small operation, this eliminates the need to turn/rotate the barrel and also allows for easy maneuvering of the barrels using a forklift.


-Single Barrel, No Age Statement
-100 proof
-Price: $49

Nose: Loud with a savory bouquet of flavors. Toffee, mixed nuts, cinnamon sticks, and leather. 

Taste: Initial sweetness on the palate followed by a delicious and chewy spice. Candied pecans, black pepper, cinnamon/nutmeg, creamed corn, and charred oak.  

Finish: Smooth, long, and dry, with lingering toffee dipped oak. 

Conclusion: I was pleasantly surprised with this bourbon. The proof allows for a bold yet elegant bouquet on the nose and the taste follows suit. This is well balanced bourbon with a smooth finish. Slightly overpriced for an everyday sipper, but certainly something I will enjoy on occasion.
My Rating: B+ (Very Good)  

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