Thursday, November 5, 2015

Woodford Reserve Rye

When I first heard Woodford Reserve was adding rye whiskey as a permanent addition to their portfolio I was ecstatic. Its been well documented that they have been experimenting with rye whiskey for a while now and I thought to myself, if it was anything like the 2011 Masters Collection new cask rye, we would all be in for quite a treat. This whiskey was first released early 2015 and I had to reach out to an out of state friend to pick me up a bottle since it is currently only available in select markets.

-Mashbill: 53% rye, 33% corn, and 14% malt
-No Age Statement
-90.4 proof
-Price: $40

Nose: Starts off spicy, with heavy rye grain and black pepper. Crème brûlée, pear, apple, and cedar lurk in the background.  

Taste: Vanilla cream, green apple taffy, honey, with  cinnamon toast crunch, mint, rye and black pepper spice.

Finish: Medium in length with a sweet spice.  

While this is nothing like the 2012 Master's Collection Rye, this whiskey is delicious in its own right. It took a few pours to open up, but quickly became a favorite among the bottles I had open. If you are a Woodford Reserve fan like me, its a must try with a friendly price tag around $38. 

My Rating: 
B+ (Very Good) 

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