Thursday, May 5, 2016

W.L. Weller 12 Year Bourbon

Early bourbon pioneer William Larue Weller is credited as the first distiller to use wheat in their bourbon mash in replace of rye. Buffalo Trace uses the same wheated mashbill to create all of their wheated whiskey. When my wife and I visited the Distillery, we got to taste the wheated white dog right off the still; it was good, but let's see what effect 12 years in a barrel will give us.

-Buffalo Trace wheated mash bill
-12 years old
-90 proof 
-Price: $28

Nose: Pleasant with a lot of rich vanilla, sweet tobacco, candied caramel, and oak. 

Taste: A soft, silky mouth feel that starts with a sweet and creamy vanilla. This is followed fiercely by cinnamon candies and tobacco spice. The mid palate is absorbed with wheat and ample amounts of barrel char. The notes all seem to have a sweet tinge to them. 

Finish: Fairly quick with a sweet, dry tobacco.

Conclusion: This bourbon shares many characteristics with Van Winkle Lot B, which makes sense as they use the same mash bill, same proof, and same age. One can say this is Lot B that didn’t make the cut; for that I'll call it Pappy Lite. In all seriousness this is very good bourbon; I just wish I lived in a world where it's not impossible to find.

My Rating:  B+ (Very Good)

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