Monday, April 25, 2016

Willett Family Estate 11 Year Bourbon

The Willett Distillery in Bardstown produces a variety of nice products. Their Willett Family Estate line is more or less a gift shop/Distillery only release of exclusively sourced whiskey. The downside of the WFE line is the price; you are you are paying for the limited release factor. That being said, these are very quality products and are usually worth seeking out. 

-Barrel 1681, bottle 99/158
-11 years old
-117.2 proof 
-Price: $110

Nose: Sweet with initials whiffs of vanilla cream
and fudge. Powdered sugar toasted bread, and cinnamon spice balance a very bold yet elegant aroma. 

The flavors on the nose culminate into a french-toast style note on the palate. It's complex, with a strong herbal presence, baking spices, and vanilla flavored tobacco on the back end.
Finish: Warming with hard-candied sweetness and spiced tobacco.
A friendly heat lays in your chest for a long time. 

Conclusion: This is a smooth and complex bourbon. It balances most of the flavor spectrumsweet, spicy, and herbal notes combine for an enjoyable drink. In addition to the juice, I must say I love the labeling/packaging.
If you are on the bourbon trail, make sure to stick your head in the gift shop early in the morning and you may get lucky.

My Rating:  B+ (Very Good)

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